Keeyns makes a mark at the 9th Annual Corporate Tax & Transfer Pricing Summit (Berlin)

Berlin, February 2, 2024  – Keeyns, a leading innovator in tax technology solutions, has successfully participated in the prestigious 9th Annual Corporate Tax & Transfer Pricing Summit, held this February. The summit, renowned for gathering experts and industry leaders from around the globe, served as an ideal platform for Keeyns to showcase its cutting-edge solutions and to engage in meaningful discussions about the future of taxation and compliance.

At the event, Keeyns demonstrated its commitment to addressing the complex challenges faced by businesses in the realm of corporate tax and transfer pricing. Ruben van Aarle, Maurice van Hoven and Ramon van Aarle participated in various panels and discussions, sharing insights on emerging trends and the transformative potential of tax technology.

Our participation in the 9th Annual Corporate Tax & Transfer Pricing Summit has been incredibly fruitful,” said Ruben van Aarle, CEO at Keeyns. “It was an excellent opportunity to connect with peers, discuss the evolving landscape of corporate taxation, and explore how our solutions can help businesses navigate these changes efficiently.”

The summit covered a wide range of topics, including the latest developments in international tax regulations, strategies for effective transfer pricing, and the role of technology in enhancing tax compliance and operational efficiency.

Keeyns’ presence at the summit not only highlighted its role as a key player in tax technology but also reinforced its commitment to facilitating compliance, optimizing tax functions, and driving business success through innovation.

About Keeyns

Keeyns is a pioneer in tax technology, offering innovative solutions designed to meet the modern challenges of tax compliance and management. With a focus on automation, accuracy, and efficiency, Keeyns supports businesses in navigating the complex landscape of taxation, making tax management simpler and more reliable.

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9th Annual Corporate Tax & Transfer Pricing Summit

1 – 2 February, 2024          

Courtyard hotel, Berlin, Germany

9th Annual corporate Tax & Transfer Pricing Summit Berlin

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