Keeyns announces new branch in Porto, Portugal to enhance innovation and regional outreach

Porto, Portugal – Keeyns, the pioneering software development company, is excited to announce the opening of its new branch, Keeyns Portugal SA, situated at the UPtec Science and Technology Park of the University of Porto. This strategic expansion into Portugal marks a significant step in Keeyns’ ongoing commitment to regional growth and technological innovation.

The new Porto office will serve as a hub for the Iberian Peninsula, facilitating the launch of regional sales in Spain and Portugal. Furthermore, it will house a dynamic development team dedicated to the advanced evolution of the Keeyns platform.

“Our expansion into Porto represents a second step for Keeyns. We are not just opening another office; we are setting up a beacon of innovation and collaboration that will light our way into the Iberian market and beyond,” said Ruben van Aarle, CEO of Keeyns. “This new site will be instrumental in harnessing local talent and technology to enhance our product offerings and to better serve our clients across the region.”

Keeyns Portugal SA will initially focus on assembling a skilled team, including account managers, developers, AI specialists, and product owners. The office is also aimed at supporting the overall growth of Keeyns’ development team, which currently operates out of Den Bosch, and will engage in applied research and development (R&D) activities.

In collaboration with the Universidad de Évora, Keeyns is set to embark on research initiatives aimed at improving operational efficiencies and enhancing the capabilities of the Keeyns platform. These improvements include advanced search functionalities, automatic document summaries, and the use of AI to predict project timelines and improve workflows for tax officers.

Paulo Quaresma, Vice-Rector for Research, Innovation and Internationalization: “The collaboration with Keeyns is an excellent example of an initiative that contributes to the fulfillment of the University of Évora’s mission: transfer of knowledge aiming innovation and business competitiveness. The challenges that were proposed to us represent, on one hand, the recognition of the University’s competences and, on the other hand, the possibility of developing and evaluating innovative approaches that go beyond the current state of the art. Furthermore, the existence at the University of Évora of a supercomputer dedicated to artificial intelligence and machine learning will allow the creation of new AI based models and solutions.”

The new office will also lay the groundwork for Keeyns’ future expansion into South America, further establishing its presence as a global leader in tax technology and AI-driven solutions.

Keeyns is committed to creating a vibrant and innovative work environment that reflects the company’s values and vision for the future. Recruitment for a Regional Director and other key positions is underway as the company seeks to fully establish and operationalize its Porto branch by the end of the year.

About Keeyns

Founded in the Netherlands in 2017 by former tax partners, Keeyns is revolutionizing the way tax divisions operate. It’s their mission to make tax processes smarter and more enjoyable, ensuring full control and compliance worldwide. Over seven years, the tax tech company developed an intuitive solution that allows customers to collaborate seamlessly on one platform, while securing the segregation of duties and tasks. Automated and customizedworkflows for all taxes and compliance dashboards for over 150 countries ensure clients to be in control. As a centralized platform, Keeyns eliminates the inefficiencies caused by personnel changes or switching tax and accounting firms. Trusted by internationally operating clients, Keeyns caters to companies of various sizes and complexities. It’s the company’s commitment to innovation that ensures clients to work smartly and rest assured, supported by ongoing developments in tax engines, workflow validation, automated reporting and customized analytics.

About Universidad de Évora

The University of Évora, established in 1559, stands as one of Portugal’s most historical and distinguished institutions. Located in the UNESCO World Heritage city of Évora, it offers a dynamic educational environment combining rich traditions with innovative research and a strong focus on internationalization. The university is committed to providing a comprehensive range of academic programs across various fields, fostering a vibrant community of students and scholars dedicated to intellectual and cultural growth.

Keeyns Office Porto

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