Control over cross-border (declarations) obligations.

European research into tax compliance and tax technology

How do multinationals keep a grip on tax return obligations (tax compliance), operating in a European context with multiple entities? How do they ensure that they are fully in control? Is there a difference in their approach and what challenges surrounding tax compliance do they struggle with? This white paper provides answers.

Anyone doing business abroad must comply with local (tax) laws and regulations and file a local tax return. Multinationals with entities in multiple countries often have a challenge in having their local tax compliance transparent and in order. is. Entrepreneurs also have to deal with tax regulations at home and abroad, which often results in complex compliance issues.

True Research conducted independent, in-depth research in six European countries into the way in which multinationals have organized their tax compliance. The research was conducted to find out to what extent there are (major) differences in insight and approach between multinationals, as well as the differences between different European countries. It was also investigated whether multinationals operate differently internally and externally in terms of set-up, processes and control of their tax processes. We were also asked which different tools/software are used for this. Finally, it has been identified whether, in addition to differences, there may also be other needs in the field of (tax) software and what they must meet.

This white paper provides interesting insights based on the research results and shows how you as an entrepreneur can learn from the experiences of multinationals for your tax compliance. We also provide a suitable solution for the problems and challenges outlined.

Filing International taxes

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