KEEYNS Secures €10M investment to fuel rapid expansion

With a growing number of international customers, Keeyns is preparing to roll out their tax collaboration platform in other European countries and the USA.

Den Bosch-based Keeyns has successfully secured €10M in fresh funding, setting the stage for its ambitious expansion into Europe and the United States. As a plug-and-play collaboration platform, Keeyns revolutionizes how tax teams interact with internal and external stakeholders. It enables customers to set up a centralized tax data warehouse, tailor workflows to their specific needs, ensuring deadlines for tax filings and payments are met effortlessly around the globe.

“This funding is a strong endorsement of our mission and the dedication of our team. It sets the stage for our continued success in the Netherlands and paves the way for introducing our innovative tax collaboration platform to Europe and the United States,” says Ruben van Aarle, CEO of Keeyns.

With this investment, Keeyns will develop specialized tax engines for different tax areas. These engines will automate tax preparations and tax reporting, making it easier and more efficient. Additionally, Keeyns will be expanding their tax tech stack, looking into more areas for digital enhancement. Van Aarle adds, “Our goal is to progressively blend artificial intelligence into the platform. This leap forward will fuse business operations with being in control and compliant while making tax planning more seamlessly, enabling decision-makers to act more swiftly, economically, and with greater confidence by exploring different scenarios.”

In this funding round, Keeyns proudly announces support from Alea Capital Partners, an esteemed private equity investor in Portugal and Mountainview Capital Partners, a Dutch investment firm run by seasoned entrepreneurs. Selecting Portugal as a second location was a strategic decision, influenced by the nation’s supportive stance on R&D and competitive human capital. Portuguese technology universities are pivotal to the development of the platform, enhancing the efforts of the company with their expertise and facilitating nearshoring benefits. While Keeyns was already set on leveraging these advantages, the participation of Alea Capital Partners has significantly accelerated these plans.

Mark van der Biezen, Partner at Mountainview Capital Partners adds: “We have known the founders and management team for several years now and are impressed with the product they have built with their team. Keeyns is a leading software company that has shown impressive growth in recent years, with ample growth opportunities due to the ever-increasing complexity of taxation. Whereas some products are nice to have, we have seen that tax professionals all around the world regard Keeyns’ solution as a must have. We are therefore exited to be partnering with the entrepreneurial team at Keeyns in their next phase of growth.”

Rui Escaleira, Founding Partner at Alea Capital Partners: “We are very excited and confident with our investment in Keeyns. A perfect fit to our venture capital strategy, Keeyns addresses a huge market need with a solid technology and has proved a very strong product market fit by serving multiple renowned international clients. Keeyns founders have a unique understanding of the tax and compliance challenges faced by multinationals and have been able to attract top senior executives to the management team to lead the growth efforts of the Company. We strongly believe Alea can bring significant value supporting the scale up of Keeyns, while helping create the conditions for a more efficient use of capital and access to non-dilutive funding, in Portugal”.

About Keeyns
Founded in the Netherlands in 2017 by former tax partners, Keeyns is revolutionizing the way tax divisions operate. It’s their mission to make tax processes smarter and more enjoyable, ensuring full control and compliance worldwide. Over seven years, the tax tech company developed an intuitive solution that allows customers to collaborate seamlessly on one platform, while securing the segregation of duties and tasks. Automated and customized workflows for all taxes and compliance dashboards for over 150 countries ensure clients to be in control. As a centralized platform, Keeyns eliminates the inefficiencies caused by personnel changes or switching tax and accounting firms. Trusted by internationally operating clients, Keeyns caters to companies of various sizes and complexities. It’s the company’s commitment to innovation that ensures clients to work smartly and rest assured, supported by ongoing developments in tax engines, workflow validation, automated reporting and customized analytics.

About Mountainview Capital Partners
Mountainview Capital Partners is an independent Dutch investment firm founded in 2021 by former entrepreneurs, who are still driven to assist entrepreneurs and management teams in achieving their growth ambitions. The current portfolio consists of significant minority stakes in 7 companies with a combined sales level of EUR 750M and 1.200 employees.

About Alea Capital Partners
Alea Capital Partners is a multi-strategy Alternative Assets Investment Management Firm, based in Lisbon. Alea is currently deploying three investment strategies: alternative living solutions, transformational private equity and venture capital. Alea’s venture capital strategy is focused on investing in the scale-up and growth of European and US B2B SaaS companies, whose value proposition is supported or enhanced by the application of AI models to solving specific complex business problems. Alea brings besides capital, extensive tech companies scale-up experience, and access to capital efficiency and non-dilutive funding.

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About the software platform
The Keeyns platform facilitates seamless tax collaboration among all stakeholders, including internal teams like CFOs, finance, and tax departments, as well as external partners such as lawyers, tax advisors, banks, and tax authorities. Acting as a comprehensive tax data warehouse, it offers a singular, reliable source of truth for data, complete with audit trails. This innovative platform empowers tax departments to operate more efficiently and confidently, providing a digitalized tax control framework that ensures peace of mind and a better night’s sleep, while saving time and costs.

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