Keeyns bolsters local sports with sponsorship of Den Bosch’s football club

Keeyns, a leading B2B SaaS company in tax technology, has recently deepened its commitment to community involvement by sponsoring the prominent local football club in Den Bosch. This initiative reflects the core values of Keeyns – growth and development – which resonate not just within the company but also throughout the community.

Keeyns has committed to the youth teams of the football club FC Den Bosch, focusing on nurturing young talent. This partnership will enable the sports club to afford new training materials and uniforms, which are crucial for the development of the athletes. Tommie van Alphen, General Manager of FC Den Bosch, expresses his pride in this collaboration, “We are incredibly proud of our partnership with Keeyns. They are an international and ambitious organization with their headquarters in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. ‘Bosch’ is a core value of the club, and that’s where we find our first match with Keeyns. Like Keeyns, we are also ambitious, and ‘growth’ is another key value for us. We shape growth through our Youth Academy, and Keeyns is the Official Partner of this club component. Keeyns is visible on the official match kits of all our youth teams, thus supporting the growth of our talents. More than 150 youth players are thereby ambassadors of FC Den Bosch and of Keeyns!”

This sponsorship not only aids the club and their youth teams but also significantly enhances Keeyns’ visibility. The company’s logo will be seen not only on team sportswear but also at various local events. This increased exposure underscores Keeyns’ role as an active participant in the community, demonstrating that their involvement extends beyond mere commercial interests.

Keeyns stands as a pioneer in the SaaS sector for tax technology, where innovation and forward-thinking are at the forefront. “Our mission is to invest not only in the latest technologies, such as AI, but also in the people and communities that surround us,” explains Ramon van Aarle, COO of Keeyns. This philosophy is evident in their sponsorship activities, which link technological growth with community development.

Looking ahead, Keeyns remains committed to enhancing its role in the community. The company plans to continue and expand its involvement with local sports, focusing on developing young talent and promoting sporting excellence. This ongoing commitment ensures that Keeyns not only contributes to the local sports landscape but also fosters a stronger, more cohesive community.

Keeyns Sponsor FC Den Bosch

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